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martndavegal's Journal

24th February, 2005. 11:09 pm. Proud Auntie!!!!

Here she is....the most beautiful baby in the world!  Amara Lanee Baker was born on Sun Feb 20th at 5:08 pm PST.  She weighed 8 lbs 6 ozs and was 21 1/2 inches long!  She has lots of hair and the tinest nose you ever saw!  Mom is holding her :)
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7th October, 2004. 8:39 pm.

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20th August, 2004. 11:11 pm. Some good things

Well, I have two interviews lined up for next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get one of them. One's at Woodhouse Ford working in their offices and the other is a Children's doing clerical duties in one of their clinics. I've been trying to step up my job searching effort....hopefully, it'll pay off soon! Also, here a couple months or so ago, some punk kids decided to spray paint a nice white streak on my car. I was just beside myself because I didnt know what you could do to get rid of it. Well, I had my mom take my car in to get washed and they got it off! I couldn't believe it! I'm so happy about it. My baby looks so much better now ;)

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6th August, 2004. 4:00 pm. I'm Back!

I know some of you might have been wondering where I've been the last few days. Well, I went down to Mo to visit my cousin and his wife and little boy. I had fun down there. We went to this antique place on Sun and looked around. My cousin and I spent about three days doing family history stuff on my mom's side. It's funny...he got mad because we were finding more on my mom's side than he has on our common side . Now, I've just got to piece the information together. We were able to go back about eight or nine generations! Playing with their two year old son was fun too. He's really starting to talk and stuff now. I also brought back some black raspberry jam for mom too! I found it at the antique place we went to. Dad's gone back to GA and he'll probably be there for another month and then they'll be moving on to KY it sounds like. I miss him when he's away. We'll probably see him again around Thanksgiving.

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28th July, 2004. 11:46 pm. Family Picnic

I've been meaning to update for a few days....been busy! This last weekend, I went to our family reunion picnic. I got to see one of my great aunts and also a great uncle. It was kind of sad though because for the first time, we didnt have a whole lot of people there. My cousin and I also went out to the cemetary afterwards to do some family history stuff. We'd stayed up late the night before looking up family history online and he helped me go back two more generations on my mom's side!....really cool. I might go down and visit my cousin this weekend so we can go to this place that has a lot of info on families. I did end up getting a bit sunburned too!...ouch LOL It doesnt hurt bad though ;). Anyway, it was a pretty fun weekend :). I've accually been working the last couple weeks for Ameriquest....just helping them organize their files. I hope I get something more permanent soon! But, the temp jobs are pretty cool...except for the fact that they dont seem to call me often.

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18th July, 2004. 2:33 pm. My RPG team

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7th July, 2004. 10:05 pm. Interesting

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Anwar Sadat flies to Jerusalem in a dramatic gesture of willingness to discuss peace

Orlando Bloom, Shakira, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Liv Tyler, and Ludacris are born

New York Yankees win the World Series

Oakland Raiders win Superbowl XI

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Swedish music group ABBA passes The Beatles as having most records sold

Star Wars is the top grossing film

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7th July, 2004. 9:54 pm. Crossing my fingers....

ok, I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm hoping it goes well. It's for a place called Primerica which is a part of Citigroup. They said it was marketing/customer service. I'm just hoping it's not sales. I can't do that. I'm not good at talking people into buying something LOL. Dad and I went and took a drive there today just to make sure where it was at. At any rate, I'll be very happy to get back to work!
I also got called by Officeteam today, but of course, I was out and they had filled the position by the time I called them back :p....oh well. If I don't get anything soon, there's a medical staffing place that my dad got me any ap for and I'll get my resume and stuff to them. It'll mean going to another state, but that's sort of what I've been wanting....although, not to GA. WA damn it! LOL ....well, someday :)
It's been nice having dad home for a while. He and my brother are painting the house. And dad's also taking the time to fix some things that needed fixed and getting some other projects done.

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4th July, 2004. 9:27 pm. HAPPY 4TH!

I hope everyone is having a great and safe Independance Day celebration and with friends and family.....enjoy the fireworks! :)

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27th June, 2004. 8:17 am. Well, just lovely

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? A summons for jury duty! :p Not that I mind, but to sit there in court all day waiting to see if you're picked is a pain in the arse :P. Being on a jury would be kinda interesting though :).

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